Susquehanna Morning

Susquehanna Morning

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Blogging the Presbyterian Women Churchwide Gathering: Day 0

I warned everyone who would listen: I'm going to need to be asleep early, I said, so no calls after 9:00. I have to get up at THREE AM!

But you know how it goes. Session meeting (GREAT meeting!) until 8:36-ish, a quick (read: one hour) stop to say goodbye to my Boo, another quick stop to pick up a late dinner.

And I still had to pack.

And I do NOT like to be rushed. Have I mentioned that?

Well. At midnight, bag packed, I lay down on my bed fully clothed. Fifteen minutes later I stood to brush my teeth and put on my nightgown. At 12:25 AM I turned out the light.

Immediately the alarm rang.

Ruth, my companion in driving and flying, picked me up at 4.

We had a good, easy drive to the airport, during which we observed a glorious sun rising over various bodies of water.

At 5:45 we pulled into the Syracuse Hancock Int'l Airport.

I don't like to fly. Have I mentioned that? I'm pretty convinced that the day I set foot on an airplane is my last, and I pray accordingly.

This morning I prayed,

"Thank you, God, for all the people I love- for everyone whom I am so sad I will never, ever see again. Bless them, let them be surrounded by my love and yours. And while you're at it, surround these pilots with your love and wisdom and good juju (just in case it is NOT your will that I kick it today). And let all of us soar happily and peacefully to whatever final destination you have in mind. Amen."

"P. S.: I'd really like not to crash. Thanks."

So here I sit at a little snack joint in MSP (that's the Minneapolis/ St. Paul airport, for you uninitiated). And I've had some yogurt. And we (Ruth and I are awaiting the rest of our intrepid little band, aka Carol and Sue. And once again, all will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of thing will be well.