Susquehanna Morning

Susquehanna Morning

Friday, May 8, 2015

A Beautiful Day

My day began with me loading eight tires into my Prius C.

Yes, eight.

I didn't even know eight tires could FIT into a Prius C.

But I have some serious driving to do, today, tomorrow, and Sunday, not to mention next Friday, and I needed to get my snow tires off (now that it's predicted to be in the 80's today...ahem), and my all-weathers on.

Why eight, you ask?

I wasn't sure which tires were mine and which were Joan's.

I pulled one out of each stack out of the garage. I rolled them next to the car.

I just couldn't tell.

So, just shy of 7 AM, all eight were loaded into my car.

After the nice man with the quizzical smile sorted me out, I walked the mile back downtown. As I walked I saw the setting moon, large above the commuters, in the bright morning sky. The consternation of the tires behind me, I started to pay attention to what was before me. That included some of the best cold-brewed iced coffee in town (from a fantastic local roaster). It also included the kinds of errands we all attend to on our day off: bank, prescription, cleaning. Plus packing for an overnight trip to witness the wedding of the son of one of my dearest friends from my college days. Also, what one friend calls "old lady maintenance," but which I prefer to think of as "pampering."

And, of course, my sermon. On a passage from Romans which gives me the opportunity to either plunge into, or studiously avoid, a discussion of atonement theory (-ies). Thinking I'll take the plunge. If I can get it across that there's more than one way of thinking about how Jesus manifests God's love, I think I will count it a victory.

Still thinking about that moon, though.

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